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More news…

So, this is a few days late, but:   I quit.  Due to the aforementioned problems with housing and the resignation of my boss and her replacement with an eminently disagreeable interim boss, I decided that I was tired of pissing away my savings in Lujan by working for an organization that didn´t appreciate me.  So, I went to one last day of building on the Habitat site, moved all my things to Buenos Aires, and that was it. A few days later, I found a pretty good deal on a plane ticket to Peru, and here I am.  I´ll here for about three weeks, eating, taking photos, and hiking.  I do love it here– everything is a breath of air from Argentine culture, people, food, scenery, etc.  The only thing I think I may tire of is– you guessed it– panpipes.  I´m keeping a running tally of times I hear Simon and Garfunkel panpipe covers, and I´m at three so far.  That´s okay though.

Oh, and for any of my tiny readership in the DC area:  I changed my flight and I´ll be back in the US on June 14th.  Let´s party. 



So, I’ve been busy this summer, for more reasons that I’d care to enumerate.  However, there are a few very positive things among them that deserve a mention: 

  • I had my tenure at work extended not once, but twice.  This means I’ll be working for the government (and finding some time to write about it, I hope)  until the end of December.
  • I’ve expanded my horizons for my upcoming adventure beyond Peru, by applying to a program run by Habitat for Humanity International in Costa Rica.  More on that later– and as part of this application, I have a couple of interviews in Spanish, so if you know any native Spanish speakers willing to practice with an out-of-practice gringo a couple of times a week, let me know.

Also, my inability to write over the summer has inspired me to make a few changes to the way I post.  The great discourses on work and life that had been among the reasons I started this blog are still languishing as drafts in my WordPress dashboard, though they’re still percolating, I promise.  However, its time for a change in format. In the model of friends like Jon (who manages to keep a blog despite being a 1L in law school) I’m aiming to write more, shorter posts with links to things that are interesting, relevant, or just funny.  And I’ll stop this navelgazing starting… now.