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So, this is a few days late, but:   I quit.  Due to the aforementioned problems with housing and the resignation of my boss and her replacement with an eminently disagreeable interim boss, I decided that I was tired of pissing away my savings in Lujan by working for an organization that didn´t appreciate me.  So, I went to one last day of building on the Habitat site, moved all my things to Buenos Aires, and that was it. A few days later, I found a pretty good deal on a plane ticket to Peru, and here I am.  I´ll here for about three weeks, eating, taking photos, and hiking.  I do love it here– everything is a breath of air from Argentine culture, people, food, scenery, etc.  The only thing I think I may tire of is– you guessed it– panpipes.  I´m keeping a running tally of times I hear Simon and Garfunkel panpipe covers, and I´m at three so far.  That´s okay though.

Oh, and for any of my tiny readership in the DC area:  I changed my flight and I´ll be back in the US on June 14th.  Let´s party. 


One response to “More news…

  1. Party on June 14th! Several of your female fans/readers will be busy with a bridal shower on Saturday afternoon but will be ready to welcome you back to the States in style come Saturday night (or perhaps Sunday, if you need some time to recover from jet lag and travel exhaustion). What eatery/night spot are you most eager to return to? Or shall we go check out ACKC, that chocolate bar? It’s totally your call!

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