Buenos Aires Cabdrivers

My favorite conversations with cabbies in BA:

Almost every cabdriver I´ve met:

Cabdriver – So, who do you like in the election– Hillary or Osama?

Me -You mean Obama?

-Yeah, the black guy.

Or, one guy in particular:

Me- So, I was thinking of going to Bolivia and Peru when I´m done with Argentina.

Cabdriver- Oh no, dont go there, those places are really poor.

– Oh really?

-Yeah, theyre like giant slums.   Youll get robbed as soon as you get off the plane.

-Hmm, interesting.

-Yeah, its not even third world.  It´s the fifth world.  People still live like the flintstones there.  You should go someplace nice– like Holland. Or Canada.

-Good idea.  You sound like you must be a traveler yourself.

-Yeah, I read a lot.  Just don´t go to Peru and Bolivia.  There´s nothing to see there.


2 responses to “Buenos Aires Cabdrivers

  1. I’m from peru, i have to say that i live in argentin, with the social-economic crisis this country is living with, none argentinian people should say “they live in the stone age” or something like that… peru have beautiful people, gorgeous places, party to dance ur ass off!, and now even MUCH MORE MONEY THAN ARGENTINA, i love argentina don’t get me wrong but let’s tell the truth, it’s a cab drivers opinion…that doesn’t count

  2. Joaquin, I went to Peru for three weeks after my time in Argentina and I agree wholeheartedly. I also took notice when JP Morgan ranked Peru as the second safest country in South America for investment– I doubt that will ever happen to Argentina.

    I just included that anecdote about the cabdriver as a funny story– definitely not indicative of anything about peru (or argentina).

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