Finally- Buenos Aires. First, allow me to apologize for the mess of scattered thoughts that will pass for a first entry. There have been a lot of things on my mind which I hope will develop into facets of understanding of Argentine life (and reported in a more coherent form on this blog, maybe).

I arrived just about 3 days ago and and I’m just starting to grapple my way out of the “completely overwhelmed” phase. Those three days thus far have consisted of this routine: endure “actividades de capacitación” until five, take a train into Buenos Aires, walk around until it gets dark or I get lost, come home exhausted, and repeat. I’m living in a garage-cum-apartment at the Habitat for Humanity office in the suburb of Acassuso, which is a 30-minute train ride out of the city. My relationships with the office staff and my orientation supervisor, who is another American volunteer, are generally off to a great start, although I’ve learned that this much can be said for taking orders from someone who hasn’t yet held a real-world job out of college: it gets old fast.

Since it’s late and I’m feeling too lazy to write down anything else, I’ll take the easy way out and use pictures to tell the story:

First Impressions of BA (on Flickr)


2 responses to “Phew.

  1. David Neumeyer

    Great update, Ben, and thanks for the photos. Your mother and sister will be pleased to see cats. Love, Dad.

  2. hey buddy, your pictures look awesome. in honduras too they label a lot of stuff as ¨estilo criollo,¨ so since all 3 of us were in honduras, we wondered….
    will let ya know when we find the answer. 🙂 keep havin a great time down there!!

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