This just in…

So, I’ve gotten wind of a hot rumor that MTV’s Rock the Vote is going to set up its Washington DC bureau for 2008 in my own neighborhood- Columbia Heights.  Okay, this isn’t all that hot, since I saw it in the Blog Log in the Express while riding the metro yesterday, but it’s still in the early stages of development since repeated Googling and news searches have turned up nothing (either that, or it just isn’t true). Allegedly, MTV will be setting up camp at 11th and Park. 

 At first glance, this seems almost as disgusting as $400K 2-bedroom “lofts” (Dear developers: We know that a loft isn’t some magical, roomy boho art studio. It’s an apartment.  With an unfinished ceiling.)  and malls named by 5-year-olds, but perhaps I’m being premature.  I’m hoping to find out more soon. 

Econo-Girl: MTV in Columbia Heights  


2 responses to “This just in…

  1. penntrification

    I read about that – pretty interesting, but also goes to further underscore how quickly Columbia Heights is becoming a trendy place for quasi-alternative/mainstream institutions to go…will the Heights be the next Dupont Circle or Adams Morgan? I personally hope not, but then again, I fully support malls being named by 5-year-olds.

  2. What is the Rock the Vote Hq? Is it just a place where MTV encourages the young folk to vote, or do they put a Ron Paul supporter with a Mike Gravel supporter with a Giuliani supporter in the same house and see what happens?

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