So, I’ve been busy this summer, for more reasons that I’d care to enumerate.  However, there are a few very positive things among them that deserve a mention: 

  • I had my tenure at work extended not once, but twice.  This means I’ll be working for the government (and finding some time to write about it, I hope)  until the end of December.
  • I’ve expanded my horizons for my upcoming adventure beyond Peru, by applying to a program run by Habitat for Humanity International in Costa Rica.  More on that later– and as part of this application, I have a couple of interviews in Spanish, so if you know any native Spanish speakers willing to practice with an out-of-practice gringo a couple of times a week, let me know.

Also, my inability to write over the summer has inspired me to make a few changes to the way I post.  The great discourses on work and life that had been among the reasons I started this blog are still languishing as drafts in my WordPress dashboard, though they’re still percolating, I promise.  However, its time for a change in format. In the model of friends like Jon (who manages to keep a blog despite being a 1L in law school) I’m aiming to write more, shorter posts with links to things that are interesting, relevant, or just funny.  And I’ll stop this navelgazing starting… now. 


One response to “Hiatus

  1. penntrification

    Good to see you’re blogging again! I look forward to some neumsical reading in the future.

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