Silver Spring = China

Just had to fire this one off quickly:

Public or Private Space? Line Blurs in Silver Spring (Washington Post) and not surprisingly, a response from DCist.

Rigoddamndiculous. I’d write a more nuanced response, but I think DCist lays it out pretty well. If anyone’s organizing a mass photographic protest in Silver Spring, sign me up.

Edit:  Apparently this bubbled up about a week ago.  I’m still mad though.


2 responses to “Silver Spring = China

  1. elainemeyer

    DCist made a good point that this ridiculousness was pereptrated by a “uniformed authority figures who bank on camera-wielding folks not knowing the law.” There are so many uniformed authority figures who insist on being total a-holes because they can. This is why I love the Dwight character on “The Office,” so much, because he–like many people in this country–like authority for authority’s sake, especially when he has it. Also, wtf is a great category idea.

  2. You’re right. These guys are pure rent-a-cops who are accustomed to using their plastic badges to shoo away loitering youth.

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