A quick musical shout-out

If you haven’t already, check out Le Loup, who just got front page linkage on that music website that seems to be kind of popular nowadays.  One of the guitarists, Jim Thomson, is a UVA alum and an incredibly nice guy whom I met through my kickball team last fall.  The band plays huge,  cathartic, polyvocal songs about the forest coming alive and the heavens splitting apart.  (I invented my own word!  I must have a future as a music critic.) The band  has up to seven members at any given time, including multiple guitars, percussion, keys, banjo, and the occasional tuba; also, everybody sings. They’re a lot of fun to see in concert and they play a lot of gigs in the DC area; their myspace page has more details.


4 responses to “A quick musical shout-out

  1. Thanks to you, I saw them before they made it big! You had me on polyvocal–I totaly thought it was real.

  2. They really are a good band, and it’s a hell of a story- a guy writes some songs, just for himself, puts them on MySpace, and then Hardly Art, a record label started by some Sub Pop guys, tells him to play some shows so they can check them out.
    And the guy didn’t even have a band. So he recruited. On Craigslist.
    3 shows later, they were signed.

    I’m happy to see the exposure they’re getting.

  3. Yeah, it was sort of inspired by the common description of the Talking Heads’ music as “polyrhythmic”– which is especially appropriate, since many have compared Le Loup to Arcade Fire, which is really just comparing them to the heads anyway.

  4. laura duerksen

    Polyphonic voices. Polyphonic: a term used to describe Baroque fugues, and before that, Gregorian chant–meaning: multiple melodic lines acting independently. Good use of the vocabulary, and I appreciate (whether or not it was intentional) the shortening/altering of the term in the context of describing 21-c music (how PoMo of you). Polyvocal.

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