Well, I can no longer feel above all the 21st-century hacks who fire off their trivial thoughts onto the internet– I’m starting a blog. Why on earth am I doing this, when I could be out doing things other than navel-gaze through a keyboard? Well:

  • I have the attention span of a hummingbird and I need something to keep myself distracted at work.
  • I miss being able to just write creatively for the hell of it, which I haven’t done since high school.
  • I have a lot of opinions on a lot of things, and forcing myself to actually write them down may be a good idea to find out whether they’re coherent or not.
  • My life is interesting and worth writing about… eh, nevermind.

This venture is inspired by the blogs of my friends, most of whom actually have a focus, such as food or politics. I can’t yet promise you that, but you’ll see a lot of the things that I think about and spend time doing, such as living in DC, cycling, working for the federal government, and of course, linking to articles I didn’t have to write myself. I’m hoping to take an extended trip to another country in the coming months (more on that later), so if all goes well, this should become a travelogue later on. So sit tight, dear reader, and let’s have some fun.


2 responses to “Inaugural

  1. you have sunk into the abyss. there’s no way of getting out now, so you might as well bear your soul to the blogosphere….seriously though, i look forward to reading your entries! i’m sure they will be as well-written as your Yelp reviews.

  2. Ben I love this! I can’t wait to read about the camping trip…that WILL make this, right? I’ll send you those food pics and you can write about your splendid meal.

    Yay for blogging! Maybe I can get off my duff and blog myself.. hehe. maybe.

    Anyway, props to you!


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